SWINE HD Remaster Keyboard Controls & Hotkeys


Mouse & Keyboard Shortcuts

Mouse and Keyboard controls for the PC version of SWINE HD Remaster are as follows:



Keyboard Controls

A – Attack

M – Move

S – Stop Unit

C – Chase Unit

R – Retreat Unit

F – Gunner Fire at Will

T – Gunner Return Fire

H – Gunner Hold Fire

X – Use Unit Special Ability

Space – Pause/Continue

Ctrl + 1…9 – Make Groups

1…9 – Activate Groups

ESC – Main Menu

Enter – Begin/End Chat

F2 – Save Menu

F3 – Load Menu

F5 – Quick Save

F9 – Quick Load

Arrow Keys – Scroll Camera



Mouse Controls

Mouse Wheel – Zoom In/Out

Middle Mouse Button (Wheel) – Rotate Camera

Right Click on Friendly Unit – Follow

Right Click on Enemy Unit – Attack

Left Click on Own Unit – Select

Mouse Over Enemy Unit – See Unit HP

Mouse Over Own Unit – See Unit Properties


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