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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet – Lisbeth’s Workshop

6 March 2018, Tuesday, 20:37:18

Lisbeth’s Workshop

Lisbeth’s Weapon Modification Skill: (You can see the current one when you open her Shop)

-Lv.5 Unlock Solitary Sands on Extreme.
-Lv.6 Unlock Old South on Extreme.
-Lv.7 Unlock Flugel on Extreme.




-Weapons have ranks from 1 to 7. More Rank more Damage.
-You can raise it only 2 times, represented in the name as “+” or “++”. Ex: “AMR Tiamat++”.
-Rank 7 is the maximum. You can’t raise a weapon with base rank 7.
-You can choose from 3 recipes to upgrade. Choose according your mats.
-You can buy mats from the Shady Materials Vendor.
-You can’t pass rank 4 on normal difficulty.
-You can’t enhance a weapon equipped. (On you or your ArfaSys)
-You can’t enhance a weapon equipped on a “Customization Save”. (On you or your ArfaSys)
-You can’t enhance a weapon saved as Favorite.




-Weapons have memory slots (aka mods).
-You can upgrade or replace mods from a weapon with another one. The one you choose first is the weapon to upgrade, the second one is the material.
-You lose the weapon you used as material.
-Rarity determines how much mods they have, from 0 (Common) to 8 (Legendary).
-Weapon Rank and Rarity determines Transformation Chips cost.
-You can’t replace locked slots. (Represented with a golden diamond).
-You can have half of the total slots unlocked. You need a Unlocking Chip to unlock a slot.
-You can’t repeat mods.
-You can buy both Chips from the Shady Materials Vendor.
-There is a mod cap based on Lis skill.
-Locked mods get upgraded automatically if the material have them.
-Unlocked mods no. You have to select them manually.
-You can use any weapon as material. Same as when enhancing you can’t have it equipped.
-You can’t Transform Accessories nor use as Material.




This is what you want in a all purpose weapon:

-Critical Damage
-Physical/Optical/Explosive Attack
-Weak Spot Damage
-Weapon Attack
-Damage vs. Mechs
-Damage at Max HP


And two of the following:

-Ammo Acquired
-Ammo Capacity
-Auto-Reload Rate
-Bullet Circle Accuracy
-Bullet Circle Stabilization Speed
-Critical Rate


This is for specific purposes:

-Damage From Behind
-Damage Vs. Lifeforms
-Damage Vs. Humanoids
-Damage When Near Death
-Debuff Stacking
-Experience Points


This is useless:

-Medal Gauge Increase
-Trade Value
-Damage When Off-Guard


Shady location:



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