Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet – Skills, Gadgets, Weapon Art


Skills, Gadgets, Weapon Art


-You get free SP raising your Bounty Rank.
-You can exchange medals in the lobby for SP.
-You share SP with your Arfasys.
-Each Character have a Skill Set per Weapon Type.
-You can configure yours and your Arfasys on a Panel in your house, Kirito’s and lobby.
-Buffs and certain skills aren’t tied to your weapon, so after you activated it you can swap weapons.
-Skills and Proficiency are not shared.

-There are 3 Skill tiers.
-Tier 2 is unlocked at 50% Proficiency of Tier 1.
-Tier 3 is unlocked at 100% Proficiency of Tier 2.
-They have a stat requirement that is incremented in each tier.
-You gain proficiency every time you cast them. It doesn’t matter if you use them or not.



-Are pretty much an extra Skill Set you see pressing TAB
-You buy them once at a Gadget Shop.
-Like with Skills you equip them with the same Panel.
-Like with Skills you raise them by casting them.
-Don’t leave home without your Anti-AR Veil Gadget. It’s a deployable hologram barricade that will protect you against Optical weaponry. You are stuck on certain area cause fuqusmiles? This is what you are missing.



-These are Ultimate/Super moves.
-You buy them from Argo they are tied to a Weapon Type.
-The charge indicator is the weapon icon at the bottom right.
-You charge it if you have the Super for the Weapon Type you are using. And have above 50% Medal Gauge.
-To activate it you use (L1 + R1) or (V + T) or (V + Mouse3) or (Skill on Cooldown + Mouse3)
-When you activate it you’re invulnerable until the scene ends.


What they do:

Handgun: Increase CDR a lot.
Shotgun: Fires an explosive fire shot.
ARs: Adds fire to your bullets.
Launchers: Shoots a cluster grenade.
Sniper: Charges your Rifle with a powerful piercing bullet.
Gattling: Stomp the floor with the weapon. AoE Damage.
Swords: A combo attack.
Sword + Gun: Same.



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