Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment Cheats



Locations for Powerful Swords

Strongest Swords in order of Power

WARNING: The enemies nearby these chests are usually high level, so proceed with caution!




Name: Fake Sword Velocious Brain
Stats: 700 DMG, ATK+100, DEF-100, STR+40, VIT+40, DEX+40, AGI+40, DODGE-100, [Rarity:5]Effect: Rear Power Increase
Location: Classified Area/ Concealed Area Abyss/ Blue chest





Stats: 620 DMG, ATK+25, DEF+25, HIT-10, [Rarity:3]Effect: BST Gauge Charge When HIT
Location: Serpentis/ Hall of Fulfilling Vows/ Red chest/ North





Stats: 590 DMG, ATK+100, STR+30, HIT+15, [Rarity:2]Effect: Additional DMG Increase
Location: Discard/ Snow-Covered Mountain/ Red chest/ North-East





Stats: 580 DMG, STR+20, VIT+20, DEX+20, AGI+20, DODGE-10, [Rarity:2]Effect: Rear Power Increase
Location: Bastea/ Ruined Tower at Bastea Story 4/ Red chest/ South-East
Location 2: Bastea/ Ruined Tower Between the Seal/ Red chest
Location 3: Arlebast/ Graveyard of the Royal/ Red chest/ Middle





Stats: 500 DMG, STR+30, [Rarity:1]
Location: Arlebast/ Orc Hiding Warehouse/ Red chest/ South





Stats: 450 DMG, DEF+20, VIT+20
Location: Serpentis/Hall to Expect for Sacred Sword/ Red chest/ West





Stats: 450 DMG, AGI+50, HIT+30
Location: Discard/ Detestation Palace Throne Room/ Red chest/ East





Stats: 440 DMG, ATK+20, HIT+10
Location: Serpentis/ Graveyard Nearest to Dark Domain/ Red chest/ West





Stats: 410 DMG, STR+5, VIT+5, DEX+5, AGI+5, HIT+5, DODGE+5
Location: Serpentis/ Deserted Weapon Testing Field/ Red chest



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