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Symphonic Rain Endings Guide

15 June 2017, Thursday, 18:46:56


Ending Guide
There are 6 good endings and 3 bad endings in Symphonic Rain.
You can view how many you’ve obtained by looking at the “Ending Check” in the Album menu.


Good Endings:

Good Ending 1: (Da Capo Mode) Complete Fal’s Path

Good Ending 2: (Da Capo Mode) Complete Lise’s Path

Good Ending 3: (Da Capo Mode) Complete Torta’s Path

Good Ending 4: (Al Fine Mode) Visit Chris wearing Ari’s clothes

Good Ending 5: (Al Fine Mode) Visit Chris wearing Torta’s clothes

Good Ending 6: (Da Capo Mode) Complete Phorni’s Path (Only obtainable after obtaining Ending 5)



Bad Endings:

Bad Ending 1: Don’t find a partner (pick the wrong choices, try to go after multiple girls, decline their offers to practice/partner up)

Bad Ending 2: Refuse to go with Fal after your final performance on her path.

Bad Ending 3: Fail the onstage performance during Lise’s path.

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