Syrian Warfare Achievements




Just in time!
Refuel the BMP and take control of it.


Bane of tanks
On Latakia’s coast, capture the gun truck with the ATGM launcher.


The old guard is back in business!
Help uncle Mansur.


Stop the lies
Do not allow the false flag operation with the bus to happen.


The Army sends its regards
On Latakia’s coast, do not lose any vehicle from the convoy.


No man left behind
Rescue the captured army men.


The show’s cancelled
Do not let the provocation with the ambulance happen.


They’re all coming home
Finish the Damascus suburbs mission without losing any Russian forward air controllers.


A bird in the sky
Do not let the Russian Mi-24 be destroyed.


Not one step back!
Help your allies defend the control building.


Tour of duty
Complete the game on any difficulty setting.


Each life is precious
During the Damascus suburbs mission evacuate all the civilians.


Where did those rockets come from?
Find the ATGM storage.


Freedom of speech
Help the journalists.


Two suicide bombers less
Help Nail and Masud.


Museum warden
Do not allow the destruction of any of Palmyra’s ancient monuments.


Death road
Completely destroy the two convoys in Palmyra.


Clear skies
Eliminate the enemy anti-air detachments before they hide in the city.


No room for mistakes
Complete the game in Ironman mode.


Polite People


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