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Syrian Warfare Cheat Codes

23 June 2017, Friday, 23:59:43


Cheat Codes

Note: (orienteering – one cell on the minimap has the value: 100×100)



Cheat CodeEffect

Cheats.giveT72 (num, x, y) – Adds (num – number) of T72 tanks to the X, Y “coordinates
Cheats.giveT90 (num, x, y) – T90
Cheats.giveBmp2 (num, x, y) – BMP2 (ATGM)
Cheats.giveZSUs (num, x, y) – SHIELD SILENCE
Cheats.giveGrad (num, x, y) – BM21 – GRAD
Cheats.giveGvozdika (num, x, y) – САУ Carnation
Cheats.giveTOC (num, x, y) – TOC – Buratino
Cheats.giveBtr80a (num, x, y) “) – BTR80A
Cheats.giveMi24 (num, x, y) “) – Mi24
Cheats.giveMi28 (num, x, y) “) – Mi28
Cheats.giveMi17 (num, x, y) “) – Mi17
Cheats.giveUral (num, x, y) – Truck (Urals, Gas)
Cheats.giveTruck (num, x, y) – Supply truck
Cheats.givefuel (num, x, y) – Tanker
Cheats.giveSirianVV (num, x, y) – Syrian soldiers
Cheats.givegiveStormGr (num, x, y) – Assault Group
Cheats.giveSnip (num, x, y) – Syrian snipers with SVD
Cheats.giveOSV (num, x, y) – Snipers with WWS
Cheats.giveEngineer (num, x, y) – Engineers
Cheats.giveTankcrew (num, x, y) – Tank crew
Cheats.giveBtrcrew (num, x, y) – Drivers
Cheats.giveMortar (num, x, y) – Mortar
Cheats.givePtur (num, x, y) – A group with an ATGM


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