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How to Enable The Debug Mode

In your game directory (…/common/Tamarin/bundled), there is a “settings.ini” file. Here we can modify multiple things, along with allowing access to debug mode.


* disable_debug_menu. Default is false, SET TO TRUE FOR DEBUG MODE.


Once in-game, hit “R3” on the controller to bring up the debug menu. It will display at the top and by default, pause the game.


PlayMode (off, biped, quadruped): Off is default, biped sets you to shooting mode, quadruped sets you to exploration mode.


Reset Steam Achievements (off, on): Resets achievement progress.


Deathless (off, on): Makes you invincible.


No Damage (off, on): Makes you take no damage.


Infinite Ammo (off, on): Gives you infinite ammo.


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