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Taming Animals in Ark iOS and Android

Taming Animals in Ark iOS and Android

You can start taming dinos as soon as you learn the Level 2 primitive wood club or Level 6 slingshot engrams, but we recommend going through the introductory pursuits first.


By the time you’ve crafted your stone axe, built a fire, constructed a sleeping bag, and put together your starter hut, you will be in a much better position to start tackling dinos.


Later on, other weapons can be used for taming — such as the bolo and stone or tranquilizer arrows for the bow — but for now, the slingshot or club is all you need.


However, don’t attack your target dino with your fists or a weapon like the pick or spear: you want to knock them unconscious rather than kill them. Instead you’ll need something else.


The slingshot is easily the better of the two, since you can knock out a dino at range. After learning the slingshot engram, you need these resources to construct the slingshot in the crafting half of the inventory screen:


  • -Wood x 5
  • -Fiber x 20
  • -Hide x 1


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