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Achievements & Trophies


  • You’re Fired: Cause an opponent to spin-out using a Red Burst


  • Quick Off The Mark: Perform a maximum Start Line Boost


  • Let Me Introduce Myself: Finish an online race.


  • Roadside Assistance: Perform a Skimboost on a slow-moving Teammate


  • Twinkle Twinkle: Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode Chapter 1


  • Starry-eyed: Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode Chapter 2


  • A Friend In Speed Is A Friend Indeed: Beat a friend’s leaderboard time in Time Trial mode on any track


  • Whoa! I’m Getting Dizzy!: Perform a triple Stunt.


  • Wisp You Were Here: Gain 6 positions by using a single Yellow Drill


  • On The Skids: Stay in a single Drift for over a minute


  • Ringmaster: Collect 20,000 Rings


  • So Far So Jaded: Travel 200 meters over slow-down surfaces with a single use of a Jade Ghost


  • A Prize Every Time: Spend 5,000 Credits


  • Cyan Of The Times: Spin out 2 racers with Cyan Laser


  • Freezy Peasy: Finish Frozen Junkyard without hitting any hazards or respawning


  • Speed Painter: Unlock all of the Vehicle Paint Kits


  • This Time It’s Personal: Modify a vehicle in the Garage


  • Ad Ultimatum: Perform a Team Ultimate 3 times in a single Race


  • Slingshot Pro: Perform 100 Team Slingshots (Across all Game Modes)


  • Fire The Catapult!: Perofm 10 Team Slingshots in a single Race


  • There Is No “I” In Team…: Perform Team Item Transfer, Skimboost, Team Slingshot and Team Ultimate in a single Race


  • What’s Mine Is Yours: Send an Item Box to a Teammate 5 times during a race


  • Target Practice: Land a hot on enemy racers with each use of a x3 Orange Rocket


  • Threat Neutrualized: Use the White Boost to destroy a projectile


  • Cutting Corners: Use the White Boost to avoid being slowed down by terrain


  • Violent Void: Use the Violent Void to absorb a projectile and hit the racer who fired it


  • Road Block: Block an incoming projectile with a Blue Cube


  • Thorn In Their Sides: Cause 3 opponents to spin-out by shunting them with a Pink Spikes active


  • Sonic Heroes: Complete a Team Race with 2 additional local players on your team


  • Artful Dodging: Avoid every hazard created by a Gray Quake


  • The Customerizer Is Always Right: Achieve 1st place in a race with a filly customized Vehicle


  • Shockproof: Avoid the effect of being hit by an Ivory Lightning


  • But There Is A Me…: Come first in an online race




  • Reach For the Stars: Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode Chapter 3


  • Starlight, Star Bright: Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode Chapter 4


  • Star Power: Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode Chapter 5


  • Celestial: Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode Chapter 6


  • Supernova: Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode Chapter 7


  • Cagophilist: Collect all of the Team Adventure Mode Keys


  • Go Hard Or Go Home: Complete all possible events on hard in any Team Adventure Mode chapter


  • Performance Enhancing Mods: Unlock all of the Performance Mods (Expect Legendary Mods)




  • Can You Feel The Sunshine?: Earn every star in Team Adventure Mode


  • Well, That Wasn’t So Hard: Complete all Team Adventure chapters on Hard difficulty




  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!: Collect all trophies


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