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Team Sonic Racing™ – Racing Techniques

Racing Techniques

Start Line Boost

For a sudden boost of speed straight off the start line, press and release accelerate with each count of the countdown timer. Time it wrong and you will start off at a plodding disadvantage.





Drifting is a controlled skid that allows you to take tight corners at high speed. Keep your finger on accelerate as you steer into a corner, then press and hold drift to drift in that direction. While drifting, you can continue to steer to make limited directional adjustments. The drift will continue until you release drift. Continuous driftig earns you a boost, which will propel you away quickly upon release.





Whenever your vehicle is airbone, you can perform a barrel roll in any direction, helping you to avoid obstacles and grab item boxes. Land successfully to earn a welcome boost! Multiple barrel rolls (up to 3) earn you additional boost, but time them carefully; an improrer landing will bring you to a grinding halt!




Boost Pads

Boost pads can be found strategically positioned around each course. Drive or drift over one for an instant boost of speed.


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