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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) – 4 Rangers + Guardians + Demons Team Comp & Build Guide

11 July 2019, Thursday, 20:20:52

Tech Choices:

Guardians (Braum, Leona)


Generally underrated composition that tends to help keep your Rangers alive long enough for your Kindred to ult and for everyone to mow down the enemy frontline.




Getting an Aatrox is a decent frontline option and allows your Varus to manaburn enemies often

Elise is a budget option if you’re strapped for cash

Swain is an excellent option, especially if you manage to get a 2-star Swain. Once he transforms, he’ll be very hard to kill and deals massive AoE damage.





Extremely powerful with Kindred as it almost eliminates by 1 enemy champion.

Aim for a level 2 Karthus. Even without the Sorcerer synergy, his ultimate hits very hard.



Description: With recent Varus buffs (June 24, July 1), 4 Rangers have become a really strong composition to run for several reasons. The Ranger synergy allows both Ashe and Varus to auto attack extremely quickly, meaning that they stun and mana burn a lot, in addition to being able to cast some of the strongest spells in the game. Furthermore, Kindred’s ult ensures their survivability. This composition revolves around building a tank line around these Rangers to ensure that they last long enough for the Rangers to do their work.



Guidelines: At the start of the game Varus + Vayne + Tank is a solid foundation. You can also start with 3 Nobles (one of them has to be Vayne), and then you can transition into the next stage by drafting a Varus. If you get Varus + Ashe + Braum + Aatrox with a couple of them two starred, you can get through to your final comp pretty easily. Bench the Vayne until you get Level 5 if you need to.



From that point on, just keep rolling to upgrade your Rangers. Leaving Braum and Aatrox (or whatever your tanks are) at 2 stars should be okay. You should ideally end up with your core Varus/Ashe/Kindred/Vayne by the time you hit level 7. Getting a 2 star Kindred is really important because it helps her survive long enough to get her ult off. Braum/Leona/Aatrox arean ideal frontline, but you could also get an Elise instead of the Aatrox if you’re on a tight budget. If you are able to run 8 characters, Mordekaiser/Karthus for Phantom is amazing, and Kayle offers both a gamechanging ult as well as a Noble buff on a key ally.



Item Allocation:

Shojin’s: Ashe, Varus, Kindred

Guinsoo’s: Ashe, Kindred, Vayne

Phantom Dancer: VS Assassins

Dragon’s Claw: VS Elementalist and Sorcerers

Titanic Hydra: On 3 Starred Rangers.

Zeke’s: Braum or Leona

Morello’s: Varus


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