Teamfight Tactics (TFT) – Best Gunslingers Team Comp & Build

Early Pyke

-An early Pyke can get you the Pirate synergy, which can generate a lot of extra gold for you



Blademasters for Front Line and additional shenanigans (Yasuo, Aatrox, Draven)

-Use Blade of the Ruined King to help hit at least the 3 Blademaster Synergy





Triple Void for front line (Kassadin, Rek’sai, Cho’gath)

-The armor reduction applies to your entire team of physical damage dealing Gunslingers, which augments their damage by a fair amount

-Generally, triple Void is good for mid-late game, but you would like to transition it to something better like Blademasters for endgame.



2 Glacial 2 Brawler for Front Line (Cho’gath, Volibear, Sejuani)

-This is similar to a Triple Void front line, but with some Glacial stunning instead of the armor reduction



Description: Gunslingers are more of a “for fun” comp that can get really high placements if you manage your high rolls correctly. The comp makes use of the Gunslinger synergy with items that give on-hit effects (such as Titanic Hydra, Red Buff, etc). It isn’t an overpowered composition, but it’s definitely strong enough to consistently hit top 3 if you’re able to get a good start.



It’s very important to mention that alot of the best players tend to use Gunslingers and Pirates to build their economy safely, and then transition entirely out of it when they start rolling Tier 4/5 units like Draven, Brand, Karthus, Kayle, and so forth. They end up selling most of the Gunslingers for Blademasters, Elementalists, or Sorcerers.



Guidelines: To run Gunslingers, you’re dependent on rolling three things before the first carousel:

-2-star Graves

-Red Buff to put on the Graves

-2-star Tristana.



If you get those, you’ve got a good setup for a successful Gunslinger run. The next on your list is getting enough Recurve Bows and a Giant’s Belt to get Firecannon and Titanic Hydra for your Tristana. From there, finish the 4 Gunslinger bonus with Gangplank and Lucian, and start looking for a solid frontline (Kassadin/Rek’sai/Warwick or Leona/Garen/Lucian) to help your transition into the late game. If you have a Pyke, it’s very common to run two 2-star Graves, Pyke, Gangplank, Lucian, and Tristana.



Once you hit the late game, replace the Lucian or Gangplank with Miss Fortune when you roll her. Keeping Gangplank is suggested as he’s a decently beefy tank and he’s not difficult to three star. After you’ve got your Gunslingers set up, a Void frontline synergizes extremely well. If you go beyond level 8, consider Blademasters and Yasuo as endgame insurance.



Item Allocation:

Red Buff: Graves, Tristana

Titanic Hydra: Tristana

Rapid Firecannon: Tristana, Draven

Bloodthirster: Tristana, Draven

Shojin: Miss Fortune

Morello’s: Miss Fortune



For items, you want a pretty specific set-up: Red Buff on Graves, Titanic Hydra/Firecannon on Tristana, Morello’s, Shojin, or Archangel’s on Miss Fortune and Gangplank. As a third item, Tristana can take a Swordbreaker or Dragon’s Claw depending on what the other players in your game are going. You can also get the Blade of the Ruined King Spatula item if you’re able to get the Blademaster synergy with it.


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