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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) – High roll vs Low roll Strategy


High roll vs. Low roll Strategy

High roll is when you get really lucky with RNG and get all the champ upgrades. Low roll is when you’re not getting any units that you want.


You have to be flexible. The game will give you what it gives you. Try to build the strongest comp you can at that stage of the game that you’re in. Always try to build a second-team comp on your bench if you are low rolling and not getting the units you need for your comp.


You might not be getting the units you want because too many people are playing those units/champs already, so make sure always to have a look at other people’s boards to see if they are running the same comp/champs as you.


If they are using your comp, it’s best to transition into a new build/comp.


Know that if you need certain units that it’s crucial to reroll at certain levels.


For example, in the Late game, it will be much more difficult to find 1-star units.


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