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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) – Knightly Rangers Team Comp & Build Guide (9.16)

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Knightly Rangers Team Comp & Build Guide (9.16)


Mordekaiser, Sejuani, Vayne, Kindred, Varus, Ashe, Poppy


Knight buff counters small hits like gunslingers and rangers, but is potentially weak vs sorcs. Knight’s Vow makes this easier to achieve, and makes this comp extremely flexible.



When to make:

You aren’t looking for items to decide to commit to this, but instead scouting your opponents and looking for enemy sorc comps. If you see one or less, making this an excellent choice. If you do get an Ionic Spark start along with knights, you should probably heavily consider this comp.




  • -Early game: Basically you just want to flood the board with whatever knights you can get early on. A DPS like Lucian with Luden’s Echo is also a great source of extra oomph you can sell later.


  • -Mid game: Adding knights is not a bad thing, but remember that you can always keep a DPS in or give a Morello to Garen so he can do damage. If you get an early Swain at 6, then you are set!



General tips:

  • -This is an extremely flexible comp. Not only is your carry open to change depending on what you get, but you can also easily eco to level 9 and abuse legendary units.


  • -Understanding that you need temporary damage sources in the early and mid game is important, so don’t be afraid to use Luden’s Echo, Ionic Spark, and Statik Shiv and temporary carries like Lucian.


  • -Scouting is key with this comp because it’s flexible and benefits greatly from countering other comps.



Ideal items for carries:

  • -Swain (carry #1): Guardian Angel, Morellonomicon, Knight’s Vow


  • -Varus (carry #2): Ionic Spark x2



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