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Teamfight Tactics (TFT) – Pirates + Revolver Heroes + Imperials + Master Blades – Build & Comp

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Pirates + Revolver Heroes + Imperials + Master Blades – Build & Comp

The purpose of this composition is to use the huge amount of gold generated by the bonus. 3 pirates create a Hyper Carry composition. In other words, your composition focuses on one or two champions carry. The gunslingers work well with the pirates. So your goal will be to develop a first Hyper Carry Revolver Hero ( Tristana or Lucian ) and the bonus 4 Revolver Heroes. Ideally, later on, you want your second big carry to be an Imperial carry for the bonus (preferably Draven and then record your composition and finish with the bonus .] Master Sword to Yasuo / Shen


(4) Revolver Heroes : Miss Fortune, Graves, Lucian, Gangplank, Tristana


(3) Master Blade : Draven, Gangplank, Yasuo / Shen


(2) Imperial : Draven, Swain


(3) Pirates : Graves, Pyke / Miss Fortune, Gangplank


(1) Ninja : Shen


Dream Team : Gangplank, Miss Fortune, Graves, Lucian, Swain, Draven, Yasuo, Shen


At the beginning you want get the bonus back as soon as possible 3 Pirates ( Graves Pyke Gauge k ). Thanks to GP, you can quickly regain the first Gunslinger or Master Blade bonus, especially sinceGraves is also a Gunslinger. By cons, the pirates are not very effective in the middle / end of the game, do not hesitate to change much more for a frontlane if you feel like placing the bonus 4 Revolver Heroes fastest. We recommend that you make Tristana your Hyper Carry, as it is easier to develop at level 3 than Lucian even though it works very well. Business too. At the end of the game you can see your graves / Lucian / Tristana or Pyke depending on the level of your champions by Miss Fortune.


We recommend that you restore a Draven as soon as possible, even if you wish to resell it later. When you pick it up at the carousel, make sure it has a consistent item. Keep in mind that a tear of the Goddess is useless for champions who hold liability.


To complete your lineup, you can opt for a Shen if you’re at the top is not strong enough or a Yasuo for the damage and the huge CC of his ulti


If you have the opportunity, add Swain to your composition, as this will help you deal with the Assassin compositions and give you the bonus 2 Imperial.


Thanks to the pirates and if you manage your economy well, you will fall under the gold. Before you think of your ninth coin, you should use your accumulated gold pieces to bring all epic and legendary champions to level 2.


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