Teamfight Tactics (TFT) – Six Nobles Team Comp & Build

Tech Options:


-Draven/Darius is easy to run, with Darius getting the Knight synergy for a bit of added defense

-You could swap out Darius for a Swain as well




-Braum/Ashe give you much needed CC, in addition to a Guardian bonus that makes your entire team even tougher against physical damage

-Ashe shares a Ranger synergy with Vayne as well, further increasing damage output




-Varus, Swain, and Draven are great for a Demon + Imperial synergy

-The mana burn and Ranger buff on Varus helps gimp frontliners that are dependant on their ultimates such as Cho’gath, Sejuani, and Gnar

-Swain is just an overall insane unit, and Kayle ulti helps him get his ultimate ability off

-The Imperial buff is also amazing on Swain and Draven, so no matter where it goes it’s doing something






-Kindred/Random Phantom (preferrably Karthus)

-Kindred ult on top of a Kayle ultimate is one of the most frustrating things to play against. The Ranger synergy on Kindred with Vayne helps her get her ultimate off quicker too

-The Phantom health debuff is also one of the most powerful synergies in the game



Description: Six Nobles is another classic composition that was discovered at the start of the PBE. The full Noble synergy appies the Noble buff to the entire team, however, as the comp requires a Kayle, this is a late game comp. If you do manage to assemble all six nobles your enemies will struggle to deal with this composition. Once you upgrade to a level 2 Kayle, it becomes very hard for non-Glacials or Elementalists to beat you.



Guidelines: The most important part about running Six Nobles is econning well and hitting level 7 as soon as possible. It’s a very tough composition to pull off because there’s a very fine line between how much you should spend on rerolling for upgrades and how much you should put towards hitting level 7. After that, a 2 star Kayle is your highest priority.


Start considering your tech options once you hit level 6. The 6 Noble buff will make you impervious to everything save for heavy glacial and CC comps, so consider using Demons or Phantoms to gain a leg up over those (mana burn will help prevent big CC AoEs, and Phantom can make something die instantly). If you feel like you’re lacking damage then Draven is an excellent addition. If you’re looking to pick up utility then consider Braum+Ashe.



Item Allocation:

Shojin: Kayle

Guinsoo’s: Kayle, Vayne

Phantom Dancer: Kayle, Vayne

Titanic Hydra: Vayne

Morello’s: Garen


Prioritize all your items on Kayle when she’s 2-starred. Be conservative with what you give your other nobles as they don’t tend to be the best damage dealers.


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