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TEKKEN 7 Alisa Bosconovitch

2 June 2017, Friday, 14:31:52


Alisa Bosconovitch
Difficulty – Easy

Alisa makes her return in T7. Alisa is a very poke oriented character. She excels at slowly chipping down the opponent with good ranged low and mid pokes. Combine that with her strong sidestep and she’s perfect for players who like to play a slow methodical paced game. She has an incredibly strong homing move in 4, a i13 CH launching homing move; this is really good at discouraging the opponent to step allowing Alisa to bully them with pokes. She can also get aggressive and cover space quite quickly with WR2, a high-damage ranged attack that puts her in a very favorable position if blocked. Opponents have to try to predict this attack and either duck or sidestep it which leaves them vulnerable to her poking game. As Alisa is very poke centric, her damage can fall behind as she doesn’t have a lot of moves to make comebacks with.




Decent poking game
Safe launchers
Strong jab punishes
One of the best stepping in the game.
One of the best homing moves
Strong homing moves

Poor whiff punishment
Poke game is low damage, she struggles on a life deficit.
Has to play very risky to make a comeback.

Recommended to players who like
Simple poking game
Low execution
Defensive gameplay

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