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TEKKEN 7 Bob Richards

2 June 2017, Friday, 14:34:18


Bob Richards
Difficulty – Easy

Bob is an extremely well rounded character that can allow the player to play a variety of playstyles. He has a very strong poking game with good mids, CH launchers and low pokes. Not only is he a strong poking character, Bob can up the tempo and go in with hard hitting lows. One of his lows db3+4,4 is one of the most infamous lows in Tekken. It does big damage for a low and leaves the opponent in his face at a huge disadvantage. This makes his wall game one of the best in T7 as the opponent cannot backdash followup pressure. He has plenty of safe mids to complement this, one of them being super evasive as well. Furthermore he has a command dash allowing him to close the gap quickly between himself and the opponent, along with having good tracking; meaning it can be hard to move around his pressure. He has very strong punishment but he does lack a launcher for -15 from standing. However he does have a i14 WS launcher to punish lows harder than most.




Very versatile playstyle.
Super strong poking game
One of the best wall games
Good approach
High damage output at wall
Strong punishment outside of no i15 launcher

No i15 launcher

Recommended for players who like
Well rounded characters
Easy and effective
Versatile playstyle with tons of options

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