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TEKKEN 7 Character Choosing Guide

5 June 2017, Monday, 1:46:28


Picking your Character

One of the things that can make or break a player is his main. Choosing the right character to become a suitable main should match not only the player’s fighting preferences but also his attitude. Tekken 7’s roster is composed of different characters equipped only with various abilities, fighting styles, and difficulties. Difficulties meaning that certain characters are designed to be powerful yet complicated, these characters needs grinding in order to master, which is why when something like a balance update comes its a really big discussion. Moving forward, some members of the fighting community came up with a couple of lists that classifies each Tekken 7 characters from easy to advance difficulties.




Character Difficulty Classification based on the Image Presented:
Advanced – Nina, Devil Jin, Heihachi, Yoshimitsu, Hwoarang, Kazuya, Steve, XiaoYu
Intermediate – Lei, Master Raven, Bryan, Sergie, King, Lucky Chloe, Jin,
Easy – Bob, Kazumi, Miguel, Josie, Shaheen, Eddy, Paul, Law, Asuka, Jack 7, Claudio, Lili, Lars, Katarina, Gigas, Leo, Feng, Alisa,
Unknown – Panda, Eliza, Akuma, Kuma,


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