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TEKKEN 7 Paul Phoenix

2 June 2017, Friday, 16:10:03


Paul Phoenix
Difficulty – Medium

Paul is the 50/50 powerhouse of the game. Paul is a character that wants to be in his opponent’s face constantly and enforcing hard hitting mixups on them. Between his demoman (a damaging knock-down low) and a variety of mids, he puts the fear into the opponent. His most infamous mid would be Deathfist (qcf2), an explosive damaging lunge punch. Since his demoman only knocks-down point blank, it is encouraged to take the opponent to the wall as soon as possible as Paul, as they cannot backdash away from the demoman allowing him to loop his mixups. It’s hard to step Paul as his homing moves are extremely strong with a + on block high homing, a i12 high homing (fastest in the game) and a super damaging CH mid launcher. He has a backsway which can be accessed from his df1~b cancel and has its own moveset. Paul’s punishment is way above average with strong standing and WS punishment as he has a i14 standing launcher and a very strong WS i13 punisher. However, Paul’s low pokes are pretty bad as they’re mostly – on hit, poor range or lacking crush properties so it is encouraged to pick his moments wisely to force his demoman/mid mixup to obtain damage.


Damaging 50/50 game
Strong punishment
Powerful wall game
High damage output
Extremely good homing moves
Plethora of safe launchers

Poor low pokes
Takes risks to get big damage via lows

Recommended for players who like
Burst damage 50/50 characters
Rushdown characters
Strong punishment on block/whiff.

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