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TEKKEN 7 Rage Guide

2 June 2017, Friday, 14:55:17


What is Rage?
Rage is a state that automatically activates when a character’s health drops below 20 per cent or thereabouts. All characters have access to Rage, and it can happen in every round of a match. When Rage activates, the character gets a damage increase across all of their attacks and they’re enveloped in a red aura. Their health bar will also flash red.




What are Rage Arts?
Rage Arts are essentially super attacks. They can used only when a character is in Rage, and once they’ve been activated, that character’s Rage disappears. All characters have access to a Rage Art.


How do I use a Rage Art?
Rage Arts, just like any normal move, have specific inputs. The majority are relatively simple to activate – they usually only require pressing a couple of buttons at once. You can always check the correct input by pausing the game and looking at your move list.

Beginner players might find it useful to set Rage Arts to a specific button on their controller, making them very easy to use.


How do Rage Arts work?
Once a Rage Art is activated, an animation will begin to play. If your attack connects with your opponent, a cinematic move will unfold. Once a Rage Art hits, everything is automatic – there are no extra inputs that you have to learn or be familiar with. Simply sit back and watch the show.

When you first activate a Rage Art, your character will shrug off any incoming attacks for a very brief period before the Rage Art connects. This means that Rage Arts are a great way to catch your opponent out – especially if they’re attacking like crazy.

However, any attacks that do hit you while you begin your Rage Art will still do damage. If you don’t have enough health to take that damage, you’ll still be KO’d.

Rage Arts can also be blocked, and in some cases, ducked under. If your Rage Art is blocked, you’ll be left wide open, so be sure to learn the best time to use them.




What are Rage Drives?
Unlike Rage Arts, Rage Drives aren’t super moves, but they’ll still use up your Rage when activated. Rage Drives are basically more powerful versions of existing moves. When you use one, your character will glow blue for a brief period.

Rage Drives are more technical than Rage Arts, and their uses vary much more between characters. For example, the character Feng Wei has a shoulder bash move that’s great for striking back against an opponent who just missed an attack or left themselves open. When in Rage, Feng Wei can use this same attack, but as a Rage Drive. The Rage Drive version of the attack is much faster, and can knock his opponent flying across the stage.

Generally speaking, beginner players shouldn’t worry too much about Rage Drives, as they’re best used in more advanced play. They can add to combos, open up enemies to new combos, and even render an opponent helpless for a brief period. Of course, it’s still good to have some knowledge of them, regardless of your skill level.

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