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Terminator: Resistance: Side Quests

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Side Quests

Side quests are standard-length quests that are not part of a questline. The following are quests that have been confirmed to count as side quests.



Not a toy

This quest is carried out in the same place as the Tools for Ryan quest in the Warhouse District. Hold the Q key to peer into the weapon wheel. Open the map, and you will see markers. Yellow indicates plot assignments, blue indicates secondary tasks. Hover over one of the two blue markers to find out the name of the mission. This one is closest to the beginning of the location—double-click on the marker to make this task active (traceable on the minimap).


Go to the indicated place. Find a note inside the diner on the ground floor. You will find such notes in different places, and all of them will be stored in the archive of your journal.


Find a note on the seller’s counter, go up the boards and open the back room to find the puppy. The task is completed! For such missions, you will receive details, experience points, and the approval of quest givers. In this case, the approval of Jennifer.



Tools for Ryan

This quest is carried out in the same place as the Not a Toy – in the Warhouse District. Follow the marker, and then enter the building. You can also find a note here. Search the room and find a room with ventilation. Crawl through it to get into the room with a set of tools. Take it to complete the quest.



Skynet’s Plasma Storage

This mission is activated when you study this map. As soon as you get the task, go along the marker and make your way to the territory with three large reservoirs of plasma. You can do this through the building on the right, but there is a note on the left before the locked gate. Once inside, kill the enemies and destroy the three tanks. You can shoot them, but it’s more economical to throw them into each grenade.



Meds for Erin

This mission will be available after you go deeper into the hospital area as part of the Hospitality storyline quest. Visit the nearest blue area, hack an ambulance and take antibiotics. If they are not there, you will have to inspect other cars.



Colin’s Steash

Walk forward, deal with a group of spiders and several drones. At the first fork, turn right and find the passage under the bridge. There are laser mines everywhere: try to avoid them!


Enter the only room, search several boxes and read the note on the couch. Before you leave it – take the key from the table. The task will be updated. Now you need to get to the hospital. Leave the room and turn left. Run forward, but do not forget that there will be enemies. The entire territory is filled with terminators of the T-808 series, which use a flamethrower as a weapon. When you find yourself close to the hospital, you will see the marker of the main task. We recommend not to run there yet but to do it upon returning from the hospital. Find the entrance to the hospital and go up to the second floor. In one of the rooms, find a large blue medicine cabinet. After that, the task will be completed.


Go down and run to the nearest marker of the main quest. You need to take three photos from this place. To do this, press the V key, point the camera at the desired object, and press E. The first part of the story quest is completed.



Chalk-full of surprises

You can complete this quest in the transition from the previous marker of the plot task to the next. Get to the task icon and go down to the basement. Inspect the room: there is a computer, a workbench, and several locked doors with loot. The box is in the room to the right of the entrance (opposite the corpse with a shotgun). Inspect the empty box, after which you will need to go down to the south of the location.


Nearby, there is another destroyed building. Find the entrance behind the wooden boards and go inside. Use the hole in the floor to get into the basement. Go through the basement and find the stairs to the third floor. There are crayons in the next room on the table. Take them and move to the main task.


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