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Thanos in Fortnite: His Stats and Abilities

8 May 2018, Tuesday, 16:23:15

Thanos in Fortnite: His Stats and Abilities

Here’s a rundown of Thanos’ stats and abilities:


Thanos has 200 shields, and his shields regenerate in full after eliminating another player. Thanos’ health is also pretty hefty, even after it was nerfed. It starts at 700, though unlike his shields, health does not regenerate on kills.

Thanos does not take fall damage, but also can’t build.

Ability 1 – Punch – Can damage both players and structures and also knocks back other players.

Ability 2 – Ground smash – An AoE effect that deals damage and knocks back players.

Ability 3 – Power Stone blast (have also just seen players referring to it as “laser”) – Damage over time single target attack.

Ability 4 – Super-jump – Exactly what it sounds like, allowing Thanos to jump really high for both movement and damage avoidance purposes.


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