The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th Guest – Puzzle: 100 Dollar Bill Solution Guide


Puzzle: 100 Dollar Bill Solution

Location:On the bed, in the suitcase full of money.


Hints and Solution:

You need to flip around the puzzle to recreate the image of Benjamin Franklin.


You can swap with the piece to either side, or directly across the middle.


Big pieces can be swapped for an adjacent set of two small pieces. You cannot swap a set of two pieces with another set of two pieces, you must move them one by one when you are not able to swap with a big piece.


Make sure you get the face round the right way, the scroll under the face reads “Franklin” so make sure that is round the right way first.


The following image shows a short sequence to complete the puzzle :

Each image of Benjamin Franklin’s face shows the current configuration, and the swap you must perform to get to the next configuration.



Completing the puzzle in the Dutton Room: unlocks the Chapel.


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