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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit – Game Walkthrough

Game Walkthrough

You are Chris, a creative and imaginative 9 year old boy who escapes reality as his alter ego, the Awesome Captain Spirit! In this game you can find and complete 8 additional tasks, called “awesome things”.

Overall they are all quite simple, but if you missed something or do not want to look around for a long time, then here’s a guide to help you out.



Quest #1 – Your Captain Spirit Superhero Costume Walkthrough

You need 3 parts to complete your Superhero custome. A Cape, Helmet or Mask and your Armor.




Just look in the closet in Chris room and take it.




Helmet or Mask

You can choose what you want. A foil helmet or just a painted mask with makeup.

The foil for helmet can you find in the kitchen on shelves. If you dont want to have foil on your head, you should use halloween makeup! Check shelves in right corner in the bathroom.





What kind of superhero you are without armor?

If you have chosen Heavy armor, you should use cardboard box out of beer, that kind of garbage you can find on dad’s car. You prefer Light armor? Check dad’s room. There is a sport bag, your armor is right inside it.



If you collect all your parts, don’t forget to paint it! Go outside in the garage and use some paint. You can find the garage key on the wall near the door in kitchen.





Quest #2 – Defeat the Water Eater Walkthrough

Short and easy Quest for Chris. After he wears a suit, he dares to enter the boiler room. Just go straight and smash the button to defeat the evil monster.





Quest #3 – Mustard Party 2 Walkthrough

Everyone wants to play Mustard Party 2! You need access to your dads phone in the kitchen to play the game. The cellphone PIN is the combination of keys used to write HAWTDAWG on the keypad of old cellphones.
–> 42 98 32 94





Quest #4 – Mantroid and his Supervillains Walkthrough

Your superhero team is strong, but you better keep an eye on Mantroid and his supervillains! To complete this Quest, you must interact with 5 different heroes.


Powerbear and Noctarious



The Shark-Stinger



The Forest Warrior



The Dinosaur








Quest #5 – Captain Spirit’s Secret Treasure Walkthrough

Captain Spirit’s treasure is buried around the house. You must find a map and a decoder to find the right way.


Secret Decoder

To get the other part of the map, you have to go to your treehouse and “super” open up the cabinet to your very left. After that you’ll find a transparent piece of paper with similar markings like the map in your room.




Treasure Map

Return to your room to line up the markings together to uncover the pattern you need to get through the maze to reach the treasure. (Try lining the 1s up and it should automatically fit together).



Its time to go outside and discover the maze. Go


and you’ll find your treasure.




Quest #6 – Practice your target Skills Walkthrough

Even a superhero needs training…sometimes.

Collect all beer cans in the kitchen and put them in the green box. Bring the box outside and set up shooting range near the door. Just hit all beer cans in a small mini game and you’re done.





Quest #7 – Destroy Snowmancer

Snowmancer wants to destroy our town! We need to stop him now!

In order to destroy the Snowmancer in battle you’ll need to go into the garage and there’s a lock on a locker. You’ll need input the following code to unlock the locker: 2005 That was the year when Chris’s father won the basketball championship.



Inside the locker you’ll find some additional letters, along with a newspaper clipping of the hit and run that killed Chris’ mom.

On the top shelf you’ll find a firecracker, which you can use to place inside of the Snowmancer.

Go back outside and select the firecracker from the inventory using the left or right digital pad and then place the firecracker into the Snowmancer’s head. Destroying half his face will complete the mission.




Quest #8 – Find Mantroid on His Planet Walkthrough

The final battle! Mantroid is hiding on his planet. Lets find him!

How to get to a distant planet? Sure thing, we need a spaceship! The truck in front of the garage might be useful, but we need the keys. Take a look in the living room near the TV on the floor. Go outside and get into your spaceship.



On the planet, just go forward in the direction of the lantern and beginn your battle.




References to the Life is Strange Universe

  • -The game takes place in Beaver Creek, Oregon, during winter time, 3 years after the events of the original Life is Strange.


  • -Beaver Creek “is not directly near Arcadia Bay, but it’s still in Oregon, so not that far,” according to Co-Director Raoul Barbet.



#1 Arcadia Bay is the reference to Tillamook Bay.

#2 Beaver Creek is still Beaver Creek.


Both places are probably a little over 100 miles apart as you can see on the map. This is consistent with Paul’s statement.


  • -A letter from Principal Wells shows that Chris mother went to Blackwell Academy.


  • -A book titled “Teen Spirit” by Mark Jefferson, the teacher who teaches Max in Life is Strange at Blackwell Academy Photography.


  • -There’s an email on the Carles laptop talking about teenagers jump out of trains. Possibly a reference to Rachel and Chloe’s behavior in Life is Strange: Before the Storm.


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