The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit – Quest #7 – Destroy Snowmancer Walkthrough

Quest #7 – Destroy Snowmancer

Snowmancer wants to destroy our town! We need to stop him now!

In order to destroy the Snowmancer in battle you’ll need to go into the garage and there’s a lock on a locker. You’ll need input the following code to unlock the locker: 2005 That was the year when Chris’s father won the basketball championship.



Inside the locker you’ll find some additional letters, along with a newspaper clipping of the hit and run that killed Chris’ mom.

On the top shelf you’ll find a firecracker, which you can use to place inside of the Snowmancer.

Go back outside and select the firecracker from the inventory using the left or right digital pad and then place the firecracker into the Snowmancer’s head. Destroying half his face will complete the mission.


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