The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit – References to the Life is Strange Universe

References to the Life is Strange Universe

  • The game takes place in Beaver Creek, Oregon, during wintertime, 3 years after the events of the original Life is Strange.


  • Beaver Creek “is not directly near Arcadia Bay, but it’s still in Oregon, so not that far,” according to Co-Director Raoul Barbet.



#1 Arcadia Bay is the reference to Tillamook Bay.


#2 Beaver Creek is still Beaver Creek.


Both places are probably a little over 100 miles apart as you can see on the map. This is consistent with Paul’s statement.


  • A letter from Principal Wells shows that Chris mother went to Blackwell Academy.


  • A book titled “Teen Spirit” by Mark Jefferson, the teacher who teaches Max in Life is Strange at Blackwell Academy Photography.


  • There’s an email on the Carles laptop talking about teenagers jump out of trains. Possibly a reference to Rachel and Chloe’s behavior in Life is Strange: Before the Storm.


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