The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit – Secret Treasure Guide

Secret Treasure

This is the guide to get you through the Junk Maze in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.



Secret Stash

First you need the map that is hidden in the Secret Stash at the tree house.




Treassure Map

After that go back to your room and decipher the route on the Treassure Map with the help of the new map you just found.



Once you solved the puzzle you can see the the route shown by the given numbers.



Junk Pile

Now step to the Junk Pile which is in front of the house and enter it.




Inside the Junk Pile

Follow the route shown by the numbers on the Treassure Map.

1. Go left
2. Go right
3. Go left
4. Go left




End of the Junk Pile

At the end of the route you will find this box with memories of Chris’ mother.



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