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The Banner Saga 3 – How to “Resurrect” Juno After KO in Combat

27 July 2018, Friday, 11:14:53

How to “Resurrect” Juno After KO in Combat

When Juno is KO’d, she’s transferred to the “spirit world”, unlike other units who just get out of the combat. So, on her next turn after the KO, she can roam around the board, unhindered by enemies and allies, to collect “Dark Energy” that restores her STR and WIL. Once you have collected as much as you need/can, you must move her back to the tile where her body is lying (a weak beam of light shows where that is) to Resurrect her, back to the “real world”; she can immediately act, just like in normal combat, without waiting for her next turn (next round).


Note: Juno must have at least 1STR to get Resurrected, so she must typically spend at least one round in the “spirit world”.



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