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The Dark Inside Me – Killer Achievement Guide

Killer Achievement

I am a killer!


Start a new game and watch the opening scene. Use the red switch to your left and pull the movable instrument table to you. Pick up a small paperclip and get rid of the handcuffs.



Take a black bottle of chloroform (to the left of the big white cupboards), a piece of green cloth and a scalpel (to the right of your bed). Save the game (#1) and combine chloroform and cloth. Put out the nurse.



Examine her pocket and go to the right. Open the locked door with the key, enter the storage room and switch on the lights. There is a movable bed next to the door – block the entrance with its help. Go further, take some clothes for men and receive a lighter and a belt. Head back to the movable bed and use chloroform as well as the lighter on it. You can leave the room by climbing through the window. There is a zip line above the small ledge you are standing on. Use the belt and click on the building in the next scene before being impaled.



Go to the red fire cupboard and take a fire extinguisher. Use it to open the door, go inside and get a black leather bean bag. Throw it down the building and safely jump on it.



Continue your journey to the left and take a crowbar which is hidden between some blue barrels. Open the door to the right with its help, go inside and obtain a working light bulb. Head back outside and walk over the grass next to the digger. There is a lamp you can repair with the light bulb. Search for a key in the illuminated grass and use it to start the digger. Switch on the lights and interact with the left lever of the two right ones and after that with the lever to the very left. Leave the area and head over a street. Go south and take the first path eastward. Investigate the scene.



You awake in a train. Take the rope and the hook which is laying in a small crate on the right. Go north and spot a piece of wood behind some wooden boxes. Take it and use the chained saw to receive two wood pieces. Combine them with the rope and the hook. Walk to the other part of the train’s freight car and use the stick with hook on the knife. Obtain the knife by using the stick with hook on the trolley. Kill the nazi.


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