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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan PS4 Cheats

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How to get the Best Ending

If you want to get the best ending, then you’re going to need some pointers.


First, the best ending that we could find involves making sure that all of the main crew survives including Alex, Brad, Julia, Conrad, and Fliss. You’ll also need to make sure that Junior, one of the pirates, survives as well. To make sure all of this happens you’re going to need to complete almost every QTE event without fail and remain calm every time the pulse event comes up. You’re also going to need to make sure you don’t kill any of the monsters or ghosts that attack you, as these are usually just your friends covered by hallucinations caused by the Manchurian Gold.


Some big things you’ll need to make sure of:


  • -Alex needs to propose to Julia and Julia needs to say yes during Dive.


  • -Make sure Julia doesn’t surface too quickly during Dive. This will keep her from getting the bends.


  • -Conrad needs to stick around the Duke instead of stealing the pirates’ speedboat.


  • -Keep Brad hidden on the Duke during Intrusion. Later, thoroughly explore during Finding Friends and get the gas mask.


  • -Make sure Fliss goes outside in Ritual and gets some fresh air, clearing her head.


  • -Keep both Fliss and Brad alive by not letting them be killed by their friends.


  • -Find a good deal of the secrets and items to keep Alex and his friends from hallucinating too much and losing their minds.


  • -Make sure to complete every QTE to escape demonic creatures that are chasing or hounding the main characters. Do not kill any of the “ghosts”.


  • -Try not to make any rash decisions out of fear or in adrenaline-fueled moments.


  • -Take the rebreather when you find it after leaving the radio room.


  • -Investigate Danny’s corpse and grab the engagement ring in Lower Decks.


  • -Use the rebreather to convince Junior that the mist is inside him and you can take it out of him. Failure to do so will result in him shooting your characters.


  • -Make sure to escape Olson’s clutches and not die if you find yourself in the Flooded Cargo Hold scene.


  • -If your game leads you to the kitchen scene, then make sure that the rats don’t bite Alex and he continues to hold onto the distributor cap. Don’t pick up the knife, either, as this will allow you to kill the second character that followed Alex down, ending your perfect run right at the end.


If you can manage to follow all the markers we’ve set above, the group (including Junior) will head off on the Duke of Milan to leave the ghost ship behind. Alex will put the engagement ring back on Julia’s hand, and everyone lives happily ever after. If you told the military your coordinates, then a helicopter will arrive and two soldiers will investigate the ship, where they’ll find Danny. He then brutally kills them with a sledgehammer.




Trophies & Achievements (Including Secret Trophies & Achievements)

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement or trophy.


For a dollar he told me his secrets

Find 25 Secrets



Secrets! Lies! Conspiracies, man!

Find all of the Secrets



Learning to work together

Finish the Shared Story



Like that movie with the ship

Finish Movie Night



Karate Master

Beat the Training Dummy



As long as you’re quick

Complete 10 QTEs in succession



Break ’em during the thunder

Open the window without making noise



Big man on campus

Unlock Alex’s Aggressive Trait (Secret)



Aye, aye captain

Unlock Fliss’s Arrogant Trait (Secret)



Brother thing, you know

Unlock Brad’s Envious Trait (Secret)



Remember who’s signing the checks

Unlock Julia’s Spoilt Trait (Secret)



If you’re selling, I’m buying

Unlock Conrad’s Humorous Trait (Secret)



Go with your gut

Choose all of the Heart decisions (Secret)



Consider all the permutations

Choose all of the Head decisions (Secret)



Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you!

Accept Alex’s proposal (Secret)



A pint of frosty amber liquid

Successfully flirt with Fliss (Secret)



Can’t catch him with this old junker

Escape on the speedboat (Secret)



The name of this vessel

Reveal the name of the ship (Secret)



It’s all gone changing on me

Calm Junior down (Secret)



Quite a lot of deaths that night

Find all of the black Framed Pictures



Possible futures

Find all of the white Framed Pictures



Going it alone

Finish the Solo Story



Girls’ night out

Save only the women



Right there with ya, boys

Save only the men




Maximise Alex and Julia’s relationship (Secret)



You got a better way?

Maximise Conrad and Fliss’s relationship (Secret)



Medium bro

Maximise Brad and Alex’s relationship (Secret)



Ghost ships are just a myth, right?

Find all of the Pictures



Not a sole survivor

Kill all Characters



That’s something, I suppose

Save everyone


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