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The Darkside Detective – %100 Achievement Guide


Achievement Guide

This guide will help you get all achievements.



Case 1

Thorough Investigation

You need to use the matchsticks on the telephone to verify Ron’s alibi.



Problem Solvent

Complete the first case



Case 2


You get this by reading all the books in the library. You need to click/read the books

-on each of the shelves (at least seven times each) on each floor, excluding the topmost.

-in the unsorted pile of books (3-4 books there) on the top floor

-piled up on tables

-in each row (A-Z) in the horror shelf multiple times until they repeat

-Once you open the shelf via the lever, read the book in the center

-on the opened shelf, right of the glowing book.

-near the skull (5-7)

-you get as inventory (They begin with L & T)



Important! It will help if you read the books in the DIY section twice. Once when Gail is present, and once when she’s not. Also, the pile of books on the librarian’s table can be read-only when she’s gone to the kid’s section.


Ghost Whisperer

Complete the case.



Case 3

Toilet Humour

You need to listen to all the three jokes the toilet makes. Reinitiate conversation with it thrice to trigger this.


Look Skyward!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nah, it’s probably a dragon! Once you come outside in the Darkside, you’ll notice something flying in the purple background (Sky) near the disguise shop. Click on the creature to unlock the achievement.


Master hacker

You need to complete the virus puzzle in three moves. In the base state, tap bottom-right > top-center > bottom-left to complete it in three moves.


Ticket To Ride

Complete the case



Case 4

Brickman Super Fan

Listen to all of Brickman’s radio shows. There are four different shows he presents at various stages during the case. Check the radio at the beginning for the weather broadcast before you leave the room. Make sure to check the office once in a while and tap on the radio. After stunning each Gremlin, check your office. Note: Soon after Dooley breaks the urn, check the radio. That’s the last show he airs.



Use the laxatives in the coffee and give it to McKing.


unwanted Gift

Complete the case.



Case 5

Camp Counsellor

Davon’s dad, being a helicopter parent, will call five times to check on him during the case. You need to pick all 5 of them. Be sure to check back at the main cabin once you perform a milestone (getting an essential item).


mooR deR

You need to enter the cursed cabin in the dark woods. A red window appears once you dismiss Larry & Barry. I am not sure of what exactly causes it to appear, but this happens before putting together the tinfoil hat and after you take a picture of ‘Big foot’ and pick up Devon’s dad’s calls at least twice. Any help on the exact conditions is appreciated.



Complete the case.



Case 6

Classic Dooley

This one was tough to figure out. You need to use the hammer you obtain from the construction workers on ALL things before using it on the sewer gate. This includes the ladder, yourself, the water, the ‘Move right’/’Move left’ indicators, etc. Anything that pops up with a white label.


Darkside Detective

Complete the case.




Dumpster Diver

You need to inspect ten bins. This includes the dustbins at the office, the tin bin in front of the antique shop, the bin on the train platform, etc. Not that hard to miss if you inspect everything you come across 😉


Hot Rod

Inspect eight cars. Make sure you inspect your vehicle in each case when it begins. There are two more in Case 4 in the garage and one more (the black one) in Case 6.


Light Reader

Occasionally, while inspecting bins (like the tin bin in front of the antique shop), you’ll pull out a magazine. There’s one in each case. Read all to unlock this one.


That’s A Wrap

Be patient and watch the whole of the credits 🙂


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