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The Division 2 – How does the Skill Mods system work?

13 March 2019, Wednesday, 6:09:05

How does the Skill Mods system work?

Skill Mods are items found through looting, dedicated to each of the skill platforms.


They enhance certain skill characteristics like its range or damage.


To be able to slot in Skill Mods, the character needs to have a certain amount of skill power.


Skill power unlocks Skill Mods effects, which contribute to making a mod more powerful.


Each mod has multiple levels of bonuses, which are unlocked by accumulating more skill power on your character.


To obtain more skill power, you will need to wear specific pieces of equipment that will power it up.




Here is an example of what you could unlock with more skill power for one of the Mod Skills of the Turret:

– Once the Turret Firing Mechanism mod is at Tier 1, you will obtain:

+20% damage

+20% battery drain per shot


– After obtaining 10.000 skill power, you will unlock the Tier 2, which will give you:

+10% critical strike chance (default value is 0)

– At Tier 3 (20.000 skill power), the mod will gain:

+100% stagger bonus



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