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The Escapists 2 – “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” Achievement Guide


“Are You Lonesome Tonight?” Guide

Description: Spend 3 days total time in solitary over multiple prisons/sessions.

Solitary occurs when a player is caught breaking the rules of conduct of a prison following an incident that triggers lockdown status. Below is a list of some events that can instantly trigger a lockdown on a prison.


-Being absent from mandatory roll call session.
-Mining, digging, or cutting at the exterior foundations of a prison during daylight hours.
-Being detected outside of your cell during the “Lights Out” segment.
-A guard is found to be missing the possession of their key/keycard after being knocked out.


Once lockdown has commenced security level is raised to maximum and all guards will attack you on sight, including guard dogs, assuming the lockdown was directly tied to your actions and you were caught. If they are not actively engaging you just attack any guard to instantly aggro them all instead of returning to your cell.


When you eventually get overwhelmed and knocked out a medic will arrive as normal but instead of taking you to the infirmary they will haul you off to solitary, and confiscate everything on your person as well. In solitary you are isolated and are limited to only waiting out your time until you are allowed to return to common inmate routine.


The achievement requires 3 days total time in-game, and solitary lasts for about a minute to a minute and a half depending on the prison (thats about roughly an hour or two in-game time). Repeatedly causing acts that land you in solitary in a single prison will extend the amount of time you are kept there. Just keep causing trouble with the incidents listed above to land you in solitary, ideally all in one prison to extend the time spent there, and you’ll work towards this achievement soon enough.


Don’t peel the potato skins while in solitary. That reduces the amount of time you are kept in there by 10 seconds per potato peeled. The goal of this achievement is to remain in solitary for as long as possible.

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