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The Escapists 2 – Area 17 – Alien Technology

4 September 2017, Monday, 15:40:04


Area 17 – Alien Technology – Escape Guide

-Get 50 intellect.
-Find or craft the following items: 1 circuit board, 1 energy module (2 batteries + 1 wire), 1 radio receiver (found on guards), lightweight cutters or better, red keycard.
-Take the red keycard and head west, above the blacksmith job, through those stairs to the fake moon landing set. Open the shuttle and take the empty cannister.




-Go south east through the stairs into the hangar with the UFO.
-Have your friend turn off the generator located south west of the map and cut through the fence. You can leave it open, guards never go there unless they follow you.


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The Escape:
-Grab your circuit board, energy module, radio receiver and the empty cannister.
-Head to the UFO through the hole you dug in the fence and escape using the above mentioned items.



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