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The Escapists 2 – Area 17 – I’m Only Human


The Escapists 2 – Area 17 – I’m Only Human

(Singleplayer only)


  • Reach 60 Intellect


  • Find two talcum powder, two toothpaste tubes, two lighters, two combs or two toothbrushes, Feather, Jar of Ink, Guard Outfit, and a Blank Security Pass (Only on Guards).


  • Craft 2 wad of putty and two molten plastic.


  • Craft the Security Pass as shown below.




  • Craft Cyan and Red plastic keys.



The Escape:

  • Head to the bottom left red doors on the first floor in the cell building as shown:




  • Equip your Guard Outfit and exit the doors.


  • Follow the yellow line on the image to the maintenance desk.


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  • Search through the maintenance desk and Requip the civilian outfit, then follow the yellow line in the picture as shown:




  • Press “E” on the double doors inside when you have the option to escape; make sure to have your Security Pass out.




  • Congrats, you escaped!




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