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The Escapists 2 – Area 17 – Perimeter Breakout


Area 17 – Perimeter Breakout

-Raise your intellect to 60.
-Get the following items: “Iron Bar, Plastic Red Key, Flimsy Cutters, Bed Dummy, Guard Outfit, Adrenaline shot.
Iron Bar can be bought from inmates, bed dummy, plastic red key and flimsy cutters must be crafted. Guard outfit and Adrenaline shot can be found in knocked out guards.
-Place your bed dummy in bed.


The Escape:
-Take the items listen above and head south to the location shown. Wait there until it’s 00:00.




-At the right time, drop your contraband items and shut off the generator, then head upstairs.
Alternatively you can live your contraband upstairs, guards don’t roam there.
-Go upstairs, through the door and cut through the fence here:




-Run before the lights come back on and start chipping the wall with your iron bar. If you get tired (which you most likely will) drink your adrenaline shot and finish it off. Escape.



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