The Escapists 2 – Center Perks 2.0 – Last Post (Multiplayer Only)


The Escapists 2 – Center Perks 2.0 – Last Post (Multiplayer Only)


-Raise your intellect to 50.
-Search or buy the following items: 3 pieces of Timber, 2 Nails, 1 Hammer, 1 Crate top, 1 Bracket, 1 Wire, 1 Circuit Board.
-Craft 1 Crate Casing and 1 Crate Top.


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-Find 1 Postal address. This can be found on the west side of the map, on the upper floor in the room shown in the picture. To get in you need a Cyan keycard.
Alternatively you can avoid this step by going through the vent system, drop into the kitchen and bring a stepladder to get back out.





The Escape:

-Get the crate parts and the postal adress and assemble the crate on the western side of the map.




-Now just press “E” to escape.

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