The Escapists 2 – Center Perks 2.0 – Meet The Crew


The Escapists 2 – Center Perks 2.0 – Meet The Crew

-Raise your intellect to 50.
-Search other inmates desks to find a Broom and a Roll of Duct Tape.
-Get to the spot where the camera crew is set up, north west on the upper floor and open the desk (see picture below).




Inside that desk you will find a Radio Receiver and Civilian Outfit, take both.

Craft the Fake Audio Equipment (see recipe below).




The Escape:
-Put on the civilian outfit and equip the Fake Audio Equipment (make sure it’s in the first slot of your inventory).
-Now head north west of the prison to the door shown in the below picture and press “E” to escape (can be done at any time of the day). Beware of the camera, never had trouble with it but some people claimed to have problems with it.



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