The Escapists 2 – Center Perks 2.0 – Perimeter Breakout


The Escapists 2 – Center Perks 2.0 – Perimeter Breakout

-Get your intellect up to 50. The library is located south east of the map.
-Obtain Lightweight Cutters through crafting. You can find the required items in other inmates desks (3 files and 2 rolls of duct tape).
-Craft the bed dummy by getting two pillows and one bed sheet. Place the bed dummy in your bed.


-Attend rollcall and bring the previously crafted cutters with you.
-As soon as you get the checkmark for attending rollcall head north west through the purple door shown in the upper left corner of the picture below.




-Go outside before 23:00 or you wont be able to escape. Head to the fence in the area shown in the picture below but don’t start cutting. Avoid any spotlights and pay extra attention to the moving spotlight.




When the timer reaches 00:00 you can start cutting the fence to victory.

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