The Escapists 2 – Fort Tundra – Rock-Hammer Hard Place


The Escapists 2 – Fort Tundra – Rock-Hammer Hard Place

-Achieve 70 intellect.
-Complete the Rock-Hammer Hard Place quest line thoroughly. This quest can be given by any of the inmates.




-Craft Lightweight Cutters or better.
-Craft Bed Dummy and place it in your bed.


The Escape:

-Attend Rollcall and go down to the sewer entrance, DO NOT go to your cell or through the purple door before 00:00.
-Go to the sewer entrance, which is left of the statue.
-Hit it with the Rock Hammer (which you recieve as a reward when you finish the Rock-Hammer Hard Place quest).




-Go into the sewer and cut these 2 fences with your sturdy cutters





-Climb the ladder and you can smell sweet, sweet victory! Or just the sewage…



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