The Escapists 2 – Guards and How to Avoid Them


Guards and How to Avoid Them

Guards are obviously going to be your main problem for escaping. There are 4 types of guards that will try to stop you from escaping.


The normal guards that walk around the prison. These guys either stand at a scheduled area or roam about the prison. The main problem these guys can cause is increasing your heat and fighting in numbers as they aren’t actually that hard to knock out if you are used to the combat system.


Snipers, These guys can’t actually be seen but they’re there, trust me. These guys will snipe any prisoner with high heat who are outside during the day. These guys are the reason you cant just clip out of the fence and leave, as their attacks are unblockable and hit hard. Their main weakness is that they are only able to see during the day and so they cannot shoot you during lights out.


Guard dogs, These guys only show up if you’ve hit two stars but are major pain in the a**. They are invulnerable and will chase down players with high heat. There is not really any counters to them other then to save your guard beatdowns for when they are gone.


SWAT Members, These guys are a bad deal and should be avoided if possible.


The guards that walk around the prison carry around keys and occasionaly keycards. There are 5 different key types and 2 keycards. Keycards are only usable in multiplayer. The 5 key types are yellow, cyan, red, purple, and green. Cyan and green are often used for staff doors and in my opinion aren’t super useful. Yellow keys are used for your cell doors. Purple keys are used for doors that are unlocked during the day but locked at night, and is often useful if you plan on clipping the fence at night. And red keys, which are used for guard only doors and are probably the most useful. However you cannot just take the keys off of the guards because if the guards are brought back to the infirmary missing a key or keycard the prison goes into lockdown. You have to make a puddy mold using toothpaste and talcom powder, then use the puddy and key to make a keymold then put the key back on the body. If your not fast enough to do this then you can use ducktape on the guard to stop the medic from picking him up. Once you have the keymold use melted plastic to make the key itself. Know that keys made this way have 10 uses before they break.

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