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The Escapists 2 – H.M.P. Offshore – Swimming With Dolphins


H.M.P. Offshore – Swimming With Dolphins – Escape Guide

(Singleplayer only)


  • Raise your intellect to 70.


  • Find or buy: 1 string, 1 timber, 1 paper clip, 1 juicy worm (can be found on guards and desks).


  • Craft a red plastic key and a readied fishing rod.


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The Escape:

  • Head to the area marked on the map as “Dolphins Escape.”




  • Take your readied fishing rod and start fishing in the shown location:




  • You’ll get a fish from fishing, interact with the dolphin and gift him the fish:




  • Snooty the Dolphin will now give you a quest. Accept it.




  • Find the “how to speak dolphin” book and craft the cake as requested.




  • Equip the cake and interact with the dolphin to escape.




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