The Escapists 2 – H.M.S. Orca – Masters Of Illusion


The Escapists 2 – H.M.S. Orca – Masters Of Illusion

(Multiplayer only)

-Search around the ship for the following items: 1 soap, 1 wax, 1 jar of ink, 1 lighter and 1 dinner tray. Those items spawn randomly but the Dinner Tray can only be found in 1 place as shown in the picture, west of the cells behind a multiplayer door.




-After you find all the items craft the fake gun (recipes below).


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The Escape:

-Head to the top floor of the ship and just when you get up the stairs you’ll see a multiplayer door. Get through that door and head to the chopper. Equip the fake gun and escape.



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