The Escapists 2 – How to Escape From Center Perks 2.0


How to Escape From Center Perks 2

Three methods of escape;


1- Meet The Crew

Items Required
To execute this escape properly, the Player must have the following items in their inventory:



1. Civilian Outfit:
The Civ Outfit can be found in desks on the 2nd floor north, where the camera crew hangs out.


2. Fake Recorder:
The Fake Audio Equipment is not found in desks however can be crafted using:
A Mop Broom (from desks)
Duct Tape (from desks)
Radio Equipment (You need 50 Int to make the “fake audio equipment”.)
50 Intellect (books)


3, 2, 1, Action!
This section of the guide is actually pretty easy.

With the Fake Audio Equipment and Civilian outfit on hand (not equiped), make your way to the northeast corner of the map; where it seems like a lobby for the camera crew. At this time, you should be wearing the outfit and holding the Equipment. And, in the most anti-climatic way possible, confirm when you see Escape.

The next step: pRoFit ExxX dEE


Thats it!
If you followed the steps above, you have just completed Meet The Crew (not tf2) !!!

Tips for newbies:

1. Sometimes most prisons can be accomplished by only raising intellect.

2. In CP2.0, you can also escape by cutting two fence tile only if you can survive fast enough, a Red key will help shorten the tiles needed to be cut.

3. If you see a green check next to the current event (dinner, showertime, excercise) then you are good to go! Now guards will not yell at you for jacking off.



2- Perimeter breach (possible in singleplayer, easier in multiplayer)

-Keep your security low, get your intelligence to about 50
-Craft shovels from metal sheets, duct tape, and a tool handle.
-Upgrade + repair shovel with the recipe: (Shovel below Sturdy tier) + duct tape + metal sheet
-If your tunnel is gonna be any longer than three blocks long, you’ll need timer braces (3 timber)
-Cover up cell windows. If security level is too high, you may be in trouble, as the guards will remove bed sheets from windows.
-(Multiplayer) Have your buddy cover up the hole while you are digging. You should be able to still get out of the hole afterwards. Lowers risk of detection.
-Make a bed dummy for digging in the night.
-Make sure when you ascend, it’s 2Am, snipers take a break around then.



3- Last Post (Multiplayer only)
-Get intelligence to 50 on at least one player
-Make a crate base (Two timber, one nails)
-Use the crate base and a Bracket to make a crate case
-Use timber, nails, and a hammer to make a crate top.
-Find a Postal adress in someone’s desk.
If you can’t find it, try the next step, and then searching again the next day.
-With your co-op partner, go visit the east side of the prison. There will be a co-op door. Enter, and use the components on the pedastal.
-Get all players in the room with the complete crate, branded with a postal adress using a button.


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