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The Escapists 2 – How to Escape From Air Force Con


How to Escape From Air Force Con

Learning the movements of the guards makes this much easier.

Passport To Freedom (Solo) – Grab your bed sheets. You will need them. Next explore the airplane for 3 pieces of rope. Once you have that, craft a harness then a parachute and make your way back to your cells, and exit on the door to the right.


Plane Crazy (Solo) – Explore the airplane till you find a Circuit board, 2 batteries, a wire and a screwdriver. On the middle deck of the ship towards the very top is a control panel. Craft an energy module and tinker with the device using the items you have collected to escape.


Regain Control (Co-op) – Bring a buddy because you need a Co-pilot. Head up to the top of the airplane and bring your fists or whatever weapons you prefer and knock out the 3 guards in the airplane control and take over the plane to escape to tropical paradise.


Plane Sailing (Co-op) – Search the airplane for the 3 tanks of oxygen, keeping in mind on the bottom deck there is a co-op door. Head to the cargo deck at the bottom of the plane once done and fill up the inflatable boat to escape.

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