The Escapists 2 – How to Escape From Area 17


How to Escape From Area 17


I’m Only Human – For this you need an intellect of 60. Start beating up guards and find the owners of the RED and CYAN keys. While you are at it, steal a fake security pass from them.


Search the desks for some ink and a feather and make a fake pass. Keep it safe, it’s contraband. Next get some putty and beat up some guards near your desks for the two keys and take a uniform for now whilst you are at it.


The Civilian clothes needed for the escape are with the maintenance man in his desk. Use the Cyan key and take them. Finally get your guard uniform on, fake pass and keys and head up to the surface and head to the south west corner of the map. There is a room with a ton of locked doors you cant pass through. Go near the security camera and change into the civilian clothes and have your pass in your active item slot. Press E on the door to leave and escape.



Alien Technology – First you will need a RED KEY CARD morula, find one of the guards and beat them up till you find it. In this map they like to hang around your cells often. Once you have a copy, proceed west through some corridors to some stairs that lead up to a Red key card door. Use co-op to get through and inspect the moon lander. Inside is an item needed for escaping so keep it safe.

Next you will need a circuit board, a radio receiver, an energy module, some good sheers to get through some fence and good team work. Head south of the Roll Coll area and find the really poorly guarded but has a controband detector power room. Switch off the power and head up the stairs to the right to a very underguarded area. Cut through the two chain link fences whilst the power is off. Now using the items, one by one start to repair the ship, this includes the item from the moonlander. Once the ship is repaired you are free to escape.

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