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The Escapists 2 – How to Escape From Fort Tundra


How to Escape From Fort Tundra


-Rock-Hammer Hard Place – This is not called Rock-hammer hard for no reason. For this you will need to find an inmate with the favour Rock-Hammer Hard. This is a string of favors that you have to complete 8 times. Finishing the 8th favor will reward you with the hammer. THE PROBLEM IS the sewer hatch near the statue takes 2 hits, just like your fraile body from the sniper towers (which i found out the hard way) and sets off an instant lockdown in daylight. If you are captured the hammer is taken to the contraband room which is behind a red door and 2 metal detectors so you’re doomed at that point.

Your best bet is to escape at night, using a YELLOW key and a PURPLE key, along with a bed dummy so the guards think you are asleep along with a Guard Uniform so no one suspects anything. Leave your cell that night and make your way down to the hatch n rush in because once the hatch is found to be damaged, lockdown will commence and you wont have much time. Below in the sewers are also 3 Fences so bring some really strong cutters too and make your escape to the west. Check your map if you need to see which way to go before hand.





-Fun With Jeeps – Try not to bring too many people for this one, it will lengthen an already hard objective. Punch and beat up guards till you find one that carries a RED key. Next you will need key moulds equal to the number of players playing. You will also need a good pick axe to break down one wall later on. (Top right of the map is a room with a cheap pickaxe, duct tape and a hammer).

Once you are all equipped, find the guard who has the red key and wait to strike, my advice would be to wait till he is near one of your cells and isolated so you can make the keys and give him back his key quickly and not have to worry about snipers or too many other guards.

Finally, to the bottom right above the building with the library, is a red door. Go through that with your false keys and keep heading down to a building. Co op through the door and dig a hole through the wall with the pickaxe to the jeep and escape.

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