The Escapists 2 – How to Escape From H.M.P. Offshore


How to Escape From H.M.P. Offshore


Trash Talk – This one will require a lot of time and effort so strap in. Get your intellect up to 60 for this. You will need to first beat up a ton of guards and find ones who have the CYAN and RED keys. Next go and take the wood work job and use the lumber and money from that job to help make a decent pickaxe from buying the parts you need from inmates. We will use this for our final escape plan.


Next, craft a breathable trash bag, like in Rattlesnake. Once you have the keys made it is time to escape. Head towards your furniture workplace and destroy the wall to the bottom right of the room, just below the contraband detector. Once the wall is down, keep heading down through the Cyan and Red doors to the very bottom till you hit a dead end. You will use the trashbag to escape.


If you are struggling to find powder in this prison, try using a medical outfit and sneaking into the infirmary’s desk every day and checking if they have any. It seems to have a lower apperance rate here.


Swimming With Dolphins – This one is very complex but rewards you with a few achievements for your efforts. You will need to start off by getting your intelligence to 70. Start searching desks and punching guards to find who has what keys as per the norm. Get a Branch, string and a paper clip, along with a worm (usually found on guards). Next make a fake RED key from a guard who usually stays close to your cell and obtain a disguise.

Next, head towards the building north west of the cells lower floor, the one with the generator at the top n go all the way to the bottom. This will use up 20% of your red key. Next fish up a fish for Snooty and give him it as a gift. This will then unlock a Favour. Head up to collect the HOW TO SPEAK DOLPHIN book marked on your map, using another 20% of the key and then proceed to collect the ingredients needed to make a cake. (These will be marked too in inmate desks).

Once done, head back down using another 20% of the key, and give the cake to Snooty, who will thank you by being the most awesome getaway method available.

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